About what? What’s ESOF all about?

At this moment the European Student Orchestra Festival (ESOF) and the European Network of University Orchestras (ENUO) are the only actors working on a European initiative that allows student orchestras to fulfil their international aspirations. Our experience has taught us that, as a student orchestra, organising concerts abroad is not obvious.

We realised that student orchestras remain an untapped potential in the European cultural landscape. There are dozens of student orchestras in university cities across Europe and many of them have never performed abroad, even if their wish to perform at another university, city or country is very strong. The European Student Orchestra Festival was formed to answer this need for cultural collaboration and exchange between European University Orchestras.

We are convinced that the organisation of a European festival and networking initiatives as described below, serves as an ideal platform to facilitate this exchange. This project wants to create a European space for student orchestras – a meeting place for equally minded European students, a place where people with a shared passion for music get together. Next to politics and economy, cultural diplomacy has an important role in transnational relations and our projects prove that culture is an important binding factor in cross-border relations.

Our project has proven to break borders in the past, and it will continue to do so in the future. We are pleased to have had the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union between 2018 and 2021 – a clear token of appreciation of our achievements.

A first test case edition of the festival was organised in November 2012 by the Leuven University Symphony Orchestra. Three student orchestras coproduced during a weekend of concerts and exchange activities. The success of this relatively small event called for more ambitious plans, which resulted in the establishment of a dedicated non-profit organisation in 2014: ESOF vzw.

ESOF vzw launched a new festival that brought together 7 orchestras in Leuven in April 2015 and 9 orchestras in April 2017.

In 2018, the Orchestre Universitaire de Strasbourg hosted the first festival for symphony orchestras outside of Belgium. In 2019, the Tallin University Symphony Orchestra hosted the first choir festival.

2020 and 2021 marked a forced break in our activities as the COVID-19 pandemic affected international mobility and the cultural sector. A festival planned to take place in Amsterdam had to be cancelled twice and the project was abandoned as there was too much uncertainty to organize an event of this scale in 2021.

2022 marks a fresh start with a festival for symphony orchestras in Toulouse, hosted by the Orchestre Symphonique Étudiant de Toulouse.


Life is a box of festivals.

Past events

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    ESO'19 - Brussels

    A new orchestra is born! 15 nationalities gathered in Bozar to perform in the magnificent Henri Le Boeuf Hall!

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    ESOF '19 - Tallinn

    2019 brought our first choir festival in the beautiful Estonian capital Tallinn. Check out the ESOF 19 page for the participating choirs and to watch the replay of the live broadcast of the concerts!

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    ESOF '18 - Strasbourg

    The fourth edition of the European Student Orchestra Festival was held in Strasbourg! From 6 to 10 June 2018, this festival brought together 8 symphony orchestras together, all having this same desire of sharing music and cultures with other people.

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    ESOF '17 - Leuven

    The third edition of the festival: April 5 – 9, 2017. Leuven remained the host city for a new and memorable experience. This festival was longer than the previous ones, hosted more orchestras and offered more activities, while maintaining the same quality, to enjoy it even more. Click for more information.

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    ESOC '16 - Leuven

    ESOF invited conductors of European student orchestras to a colloquium in Leuven. Workshops, presentations and a roundtable discussion combined with several cultural and gastronomic extras: All this to entice your interest and give you adequate information as to the effect such a festival can have on your work with your young orchestra. Our first colloquium was a success. Thanks to all who joined and contributed!

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    ESOF '15 - Leuven

    Leuven, April 23 – 26, 2015.  View the pictures and films, read the comments, to see the ‘magic’ which came alive through the gathering of seven orchestras. Do check the numbers behind this project and discover with us that ESOF’15 was more than the sum of its parts.

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    ESOF '12 - Leuven

    A new festival is born: from this moment on, classical music shrunk the distance between the cities of Europe. See here some visual memories of the first steps.

Future events

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    ESOF'22 - Toulouse

    After an unfortunate and long break because of the pandemic, we are ready to take-off! The beautiful city of Toulouse will host a new symphonic festival from 30/06/2022 to 03/07/2022. More information will be published soon.

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    ESOF '2? - Location?

    Mail info@esofestival.com if you are interested to collaborate and host a festival edition!

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    ESO '23 - Brussels

    We intend to organise a second edition of the European Student Orchestra in 2023, including an international concert tour, pending funding decisions.


There is no I in TEAM, nor in ESOF, but there is an E major in both.

The team of ESOF consists of 6 enthusiastic members, gathered around the idea of organising a festival for student orchestras by Pieter Lembrechts, the president. All of them have a strong background in music in general and in the world of university ensembles in particular. They set the strategic lines for the festivals and plan the future development of ESOF.