The organising team of ESOF consists of 6 enthusiastic members, gathered around the idea of organizing a festival for student orchestras by Pieter Lembrechts, the president. All of them have a strong background in music in general and in the world of university ensembles in particular. Both professionally and in their spare time, they have collected an impressive palmares of event organisations.

Pieter Lembrechts

Pieter Lembrechts is the inspirator of the ESOF-project. Innovative thinking is his second nature and is what he applies in his job as Marketing & Communication Manager of the National Orchestra of Belgium. In the past, he worked at BOZAR MUSIC and as a marketing consultant at Calidat. He is also a managing partner at PULP no fiction. His passion for music – he plays the trumpet – and his sincere love for amateur music have made him an enthusiastic long-time member of the USO and UHO. With these positive experiences in mind, he developed the idea of a European platform for Student Orchestras.

Jurgen Peeters

Jurgen Peeters has been a trombone player in both USO and UHO for over 8 years. He was an active member of the concert tour team, and organized 4 concert tours in Europe. He used his organisational skills to start up numerous events, most of them within the world of amateur music. Apart from his everyday job as a teacher, Jurgen conducts several wind bands and is a freelance musician playing in several orchestras in Belgium. As an entrepreneur, he founded his own business, in which he combines his organisational and writing skills.

Lieselotte Bijnens

Lieselotte Bijnens decided to learn to play the piano when she was 10. Unfortunately, this meant she could never play in a university ensemble when studying at Leuven University. Her passion for classical music led her to study musicology. Here, she was an active member at the annual concerts of student organization Musicologica. As a board member of this organization she organized cultural activities, one of the first of which was a joint visit to ESOF’15. Always busy with some project, she discovered the power of Social Media. She can’t wait to connect with music lovers all over Europe.

Matthew Coucke

Matthew Coucke was a violinist in the University Symphony Orchestra (USO) of the KU Leuven for 8 years. He took up several positions in the board of the USO such as president, treasurer and member of the concert tour team. Matthew was responsible for the general coordination of the first ESOF festival in 2012. As an alumnus of the Faculty of Arts and Master in European Studies, he has a strong interest in European integration. He is currently employed as a Senior Analyst managing large-scale EU projects at Accenture. Matthew is responsible for finance and international development at the ESOF board.

Karen Raeymaekers

Karen Raeymaekers comes from a big musical family and started playing violin and flute at a very young age. When studying at the KULeuven, she immediately joined the Universitair Symfonisch Orkest and became active in the orchestra’s board after only 2 years of being a member. Karen enjoys challenges as she at the same time organised a 10 day concert tour to Armenia. She is currently studying Business Administration at the KULeuven, campus Brussel. Apart from her obvious passion for music, she also loves sports.

Jesse Trekker

Jesse Trekker has for many years been the driving force within the University Symphony Orchestra of the KU Leuven. He is a versatile person, playing horn, organising concert tours and leading the orchestra as president. As can be seen in his studies and from a personal perspective, Jesse is comfortable with working in an international atmosphere. His career as a researcher and entrepreneur at IMEC benefit greatly from his logistical and organisational skills. His clever and hands-on approach are the perfect match for the function of logistics within the ESOF-Team.