ESOF '18

European Student Orchestra Festival

Strasbourg, France

After the huge success of the 2015 edition and the overwhelming response for the 2017 edition of the European Student Orchestra Festival, a new festival in 2018 will be organized. Home base this time will be Strasbourg and the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Strasbourg (OUS) is proud to be the host.

Will the 2018 edition be a mere copy of the 2017 edition? Not a copy, it will offer more, lots more… Have we tickled your curiosity? Well then, follow us on Facebook or send us your e-mail address to receive more information.

Arrival & Check-in

Welcome all orchestra’s to the city of Strasbourg. The ESOF buddies will guide you to your hostels for check-in. The rest of the afternoon you’ll have time to visit the important locations of the festival. The first evening all participants are invited at the concert hall for the ceremonial opening of the festival.

Rehearsals & Concerts

As in the previous festivals all orchestra’s will have a concert day that includes a rehearsal, a dress rehearsal in the concert hall and of course the concert.

Group activities

The festival creates great opportunities to get to know each other. Cultural and social activities with your own orchestra or mixed up with other participants are the relaxing moments of the festival. Nevertheless these events are as important for students as concerts and workshops.

Party time

Something all participants of the previous edition remember, is the extraordinary parties and receptions after the concerts. Why change a winning concept? We want to close every day of the festival with a small festival to celebrate your musical collaboration to our cause: bringing university students together to make fabulous music.

If we all end up in prison one day for illegal music downloads, I can only hope that they divide us by music genres.