ESOC '17

European Student Orchestra Colloquium

Leuven – postponed

ESOC’17: All for music, music for all

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, never regrets” Leonardo Da Vinci Keen to learn and to meet student orchestras from all over Europe?  Join now the European Student Orchestra Conductors Colloquium 2017!

Along with organising the festivals, ESOF wants to build a platform for conductors and cultural representatives from European universities. Therefore we need a strong channel of communication for the transfer of information between conductors, orchestras and cultural representatives. We lessen the distance between the orchestras by bringing together the musical competence, experience of the orchestras and, with them attempt to fashion a possible ‘long-term vision’ for a European Student Orchestra network.

The 2017 edition has been postponed. The participation fee is set at €360 per person*.

*Exclusive all travel expenses, including all accommodation and catering, including all fees for programmed activities. For non – resident participants the participation fee is set at € 200.

Teaching each other = Learning for all

We invite you to share your knowledge in our discussion groups concept.
ESOF offers you an experienced moderator for every aspect of the 360° management support.
In the process we accumulate your experiences and bundle the knowledge.

360° management support

Not only the angle of the conductors, but all the different aspects of managing a student orchestra or choir are important to make your orchestra improve step by step.

Preliminary Program

Day 1, Brussels

16h00: visit to the European House of History (optional, in case of early arrival)
18h30: dinner
20h00: concert National Orchestra of Belgium

Day 2, Leuven

09h30: short presentation of attendees
11h00: thematic sessions

  • Importance of culture policy at universities
  • Financial organization

12h30: Lunch
14h00: thematic sessions

  • Student orchestra governance structures
  • Production, logistics and international projects

16:30: coffee break
17h:00: free time
19h30: dinner

Day 3, Leuven

10h:00: closing session

  • ESOF18
  • ESOF future projects

12h:00: Lunch

Let’s discuss music!