ESOC '17

European Student Orchestra Colloquium

Leuven – September 2017

Creating a European network for student orchestras calls for some strong connections, or links. From our festival experience, we’ve learned that the conductors of student orchestras are unique characters. They are more than musical leaders. They inspire students, beyond their university obligations, to also commit to experiencing classical music… together. This makes us partners with the same goal.

Along with organising the festivals, ESOF wants to build a platform for conductors and cultural representatives from European universities. Therefore we need a strong channel of communication for the transfer of information between conductors, orchestras and cultural representatives. We lessen the distance between the orchestras by bringing together the musical competence, experience of the orchestras and, with them attempt to fashion a possible ‘long-term vision’ for a European Student Orchestra network.

More info coming.

Let’s discuss music!