ESOC '16

European Student Orchestra Colloquium

16 – 18 September 2016

Creating a European network for student orchestras calls for some strong connections, or links. From our festival experience, we’ve learned that the conductors of student orchestras are unique characters. They are more than musical leaders. They inspire students, beyond their university obligations, to also commit to experiencing classical music… together. This makes us partners with the same goal.

Along with organising the festivals, ESOF wants to build a platform for conductors and cultural representatives from European universities. Therefore we need a strong channel of communication for the transfer of information between conductors, orchestras and cultural representatives. We lessen the distance between the orchestras by bringing together the musical competence, experience of the orchestras and, with them attempt to fashion a possible ‘long-term vision’ for a European Student Orchestra network.

It was great! Check below and Facebook for some pictures!

Friday 16th of September

14:00 Arrival + Hotel Check-in

Hotel check-in from 14:00 on.

17:30 Front desk Hotel

We gather at the front desk of the hotel to travel together to Brussels by train for the concert.

19:00 Dinner Brussel

20:00 Concert


22:30 Meet and Greet with Maestro Boreyko

Saturday 17th of September

8:30 Front desk Hotel

From the hotel we walk to the seminar room.

09:00 Session 1a Group Dynamics

The second day of the colloquium is filled with workshops and presentations tailored to our participants: workshops specific for conductors of youth orchestras and presentations on new techniques and technology developed within the music world. The main goal of these workshops is to expand and develop the knowledge of the conductors, so they can continue their job for many years. The sharing of experiences can bring the conductors closer together and can positively facilitate the exchange among the different student orchestras of Europe.

group dynamic

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Session 1b Group Dynamic

group dynamic

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Session on New Technologies

new tech music

16:15 Coffee Break

16:45 Around the Table Discussion + Future Plans ESOF '17

around the table_sm

To stay up to date with the needs and questions coming from student orchestra conductors, we want you all to join us in an around the table discussion. Firstly, duringa debate, we would like to check with you how we can fulfill the intellectual and organisational challenges endured by a conductor, in charge of leading a student orchestra. Next, during an easy atmosphere, culinary dinner, we would like to openly discuss future plans and new projects. During this around the table discussion and dinner, the ESOF-team will reveal its plans for the next 2017 festival and how it perceives the future of the European Student Orchestra Festival network. Afterwards all participants are free to enjoy Leuven by night or to head back to the hotel in enlightened spirit!

18:30 Free time

20:00 Dinner

Sunday 18th of September

10:30 Front desk Hotel

From the hotel we walk to the cultural excursion.

11:00 Sight Seeing

We offer our participants a cultural excursion. For some it perhaps will be a first visit to Belgium and we would like to share all good that Belgium has to offer. We will foresee some time for further discussion about the past days and pause to formulate some thoughts about the colloquium. With this the colloquium will end and we hope that all participants will return to their orchestra, embracing the feeling that ties are forged and that we will see each other again in the near future.

Leuven_oudemarkt_400Touristic Tour in Belgium

13:00 End of Colloquium


Registrations are closed.


  • Two nights in hotel (+ breakfast)
  • Tickets for concert NOB
  • Meet & Greet Andrey Boreyko
  • Workshops group dynamics
  • Workshops new technologies
  • Presentation of the future of ESOF
  • Dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday
  • Touristic event on Sunday

Does not include:

  • Transportation

Hotel Binnenhof

Maria Theresiastraat 65
B-3000 Leuven

Concert NOB

BOZAR – Center for Fine Arts
Ravensteinstraat 23
B-1000 Brussel

Workshop Group Dynamic*

Mieke Van den Bossche – Michel Clerinx  (more info)

* workshop in English

Workshop New Technologies*

Scora presenting a new way to experience playing music.

* workshop in English

Information on how to get to Leuven? Click here.


Let’s discuss music!