About what? What’s ESOF all about?

The European Student Orchestra Festival (non-profit organisation) organises events which bring European student orchestras closer to each other. Classical music is the bonding factor uniting the student musicians and creating a network of university symphony orchestras all over Europe. ESOF creates opportunities for the orchestras to perform concerts within the framework of the festival but also provides an array of support-activities for  members of the orchestra, active board members and orchestra directors during and in between the festivals.


There is no I in TEAM, nor in ESOF, but there is an E major in both.

The organising team of ESOF consists of 7 enthusiastic members, gathered around the idea of organising a festival for student orchestras by Pieter Lembrechts, the president. All of them have a strong background in music in general and in the world of university ensembles in particular. Both professionally and in their spare time, they have collected an impressive palmares of event organisations.

Pieter Lembrechts


Matthew Coucke


Lieselotte Bijnens

Social media & Press

Karen Raeymaekers


Marieke Van Hooreweghe

Public Relations

Jesse Trekker


Jurgen Peeters


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Life is a box of festivals and colloquia.


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    ESOF '18

    We are proud to announce you that the next European Student Orchestra Festival will be held in Strasbourg! Our city is going to become THE place to be from 6 to 10 June 2018.
    This festival will bring 10 orchestras together, all having this same desire of sharing music and cultures with other people.

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    ESOF '17

    The third edition of the festival: April 5 – 9, 2017. Leuven remained the host city for a new and memorable experience. This festival was longer than the previous ones, hosted more orchestras and offered more activities, while maintaining the same quality, to enjoy it even more. Click for more information.

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    ESOF '15

    Leuven, April 23 – 26, 2015.  View the pictures and films, read the comments, to see the ‘magic’ which came alive through the gathering of seven orchestras. Do check the numbers behind this project and discover with us that ESOF’15 was more than the sum of its parts.

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    ESOF '12

    A new festival is born: from this moment on, classical music shrunk the distance between the cities of Europe. See here some visual memories of the first steps.


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    ESOC '17

    “Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, never regrets” Leonardo Da Vinci Keen to learn and to meet student orchestras from all over Europe?  Join now the European Student Orchestra Conductors Colloquium 2017!

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    ESOC '16

    ESOF invites conductors of European student orchestras to a colloquium in Leuven. Workshops, presentations and a roundtable discussion combined with several cultural and gastronomic ‘extras’: All this to entice your interest and give you adequate information as to the effect such a festival can have on your work with your young orchestra. Our first colloquium was a success. Thanks to all who joined and contributed!